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South African fashion designer Gugu Peteni graduated Cum Laude with honors in fashion and textile design from Nelson Mandela University in 2017. She honed her skills for three and a half years at Mohair SA International before embarking on the entrepreneurial adventure by creating her brand, GUGUBYGUGU, in 2020. Gugu notably presented her creations at the prestigious Design Indaba conference in 2018 and participated as the youngest candidate in the Project Runway South Africa franchise. In 2020, her commitment to sustainability pushed her to create consciously made fashion pieces, which led her to represent South Africa at Lagos Fashion Week. At GUGUBYGUGU, our philosophy is to integrate craftsmanship into the fashion landscape. We favor natural fibers such as merino wool and mohair, and we actively engage with artisans from disadvantaged communities to create sustainable creations. Our commitment to sustainability extends to sourcing and production, as we strive to keep everything local. GUGUBYGUGU fuses luxury streetwear with African heritage, championing inclusion and cultural pride.

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