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africa fashion up is the showcase for contemporary African fashion, driven by a new generation of designers.

The ambition of Africa Fashion Up is to showcase the vitality of current African creativity through fashion.


The program is part of Share Africa (, a broader initiative comprising a series of actions and events celebrating the creativity, innovation and environmental commitment of Africa's youth.


African fashion, still unknown to the general public, is increasingly dynamic. Its growing influence can be seen not only in the adoption of its codes by Western brands and designers, but also in the emergence and positioning of several African brands on an international scale.


Names such as Iman Ayissi (Cameroon), Eric Raisina (Madagascar) Emmy Kasbit (Nigeria), Erre (South Africa), Karim Tassi (Morocco), Elie Kouame (Ivory Coast) are all examples of successful African designers.

By bringing African design to Paris, Africa Fashion Up aims to become the showcase for this new trend, driven by a generation of uninhibited stylists, with its emphasis on boldness, color and originality. The program focuses on all current fashion practices: from streetwear to haute couture, from the most experimental approaches to the most modest initiatives.


Africa Fashion Up is particularly interested in young African talents who are shaping the Africa of the 21st century by drawing inspiration from their history and tradition. Its aim is also to showcase contemporary African fashion and highlight its influence on other areas of creation and culture (cinema, music, entrepreneurship, etc.). Fashion thus becomes a veritable marker of the transformation of contemporary African societies.

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