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Shamyra Moodley, an accountant, was on maternity leave after the birth of her son when she got the idea to branch out into the world of fashion.
She created a blog, Laaniraani, where she shared photos of her personal style, complete with flashy glasses and vibrant fabrics. "There were fashion photos, but it was clear that it was about my story, my journey to discover who I am," said Moodley.
Born in East London, South Africa, along the Eastern Cape, she grew up watching her seamstress grandmother assemble fabrics on an old Singer sewing machine. "I'd always let her do the sewing and say, 'No, I'll cut and draw' - and that's still how I do it," she told CNN, adding that "I don't like the technical side of sewing, I like it as an art form. I like to be free in my movements.
Ms. Moodley eventually left her job as an accountant to take up fashion. The forty-something says that after a year of writing, Laaniraani became popular, earning her invitations to numerous fashion shows in South Africa.
Her official entry into the world of bespoke clothing came two years ago, when she made a sackcloth skirt and blouse from an old nursing bra - and wore it to a fashion show.

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